Dark Universe 2017

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Local Information


The conference takes place at the main university campus in central Munich, two subway stops from the city center at Marienplatz:

Lecture Hall H030
Department of Physics
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Schellingstr. 4
D-80799 München

It is indicated by the orange pin on the map below. We have assembled more information how to get there with public transport.

Restaurants in the area

We have assembled a list/map of restaurants in central Munich. It contains some very good lunch options in the area, but it is not an exhaustive list as there are plenty of good options in the area.

  • Public Transport

  • Restaurants

    We have assembled a list of restaurants in the central Munich area.
    Please click on the symbol left to "Restaurants Schwabing" to see a list of restaurants within the map.
    For a larger view of the map in your browser, click on the frame icon at the upper right corner. more